Sea Turtle Association of Japan
Kuroshima Research Station

Kuroshima Research Station is located in the city of Taketomi, Okinawa prefecture. We mainly research sea turtles inhabiting the sea of Okinawa. This station has exhibition rooms to display our research achievements, coral specimens, and traditional tools from Yaeyama region. Sea turtles and other Yaeyama-origin animals are bred at the station. This museum and aquarium facility makes our station one of the renowned tourist places on the Kuroshima Island.


Booklet: Catalog of the Reef-building Corals Deposited in Kuroshima Research Station. Second Edition

Specimens are not only a target of study, but are concrete evidence which prove the existence of creature in the past. This station owns one of largest collections of approximately 1,000 coral specimens. Most samples were collected in between 1970 and 80s and they are the only existing evidence that hints the magnificence of Yaeyama coral reefs back in those days. Specimens had been classified and classification data is now complied into a booklet under the supervision of Japanese Society for Coral Taxonomy.
The data is available from this link →catalog_of_corals_in_kuroshima_ii.pdf