Our History and Mission

Yaeyama Marine Park Center, the predecessor of Kuroshima Research Station, was established by Marine Park Center Foundation in 1973. The aim of the research center was to manage and access the “Sekiseishoko”, the largest coral reef in Japan. The center had fulfilled its duty by engaging in coral reef and sea turtle research for the next 30 years. Those studies are far from flamboyant but long-term research focusing on the reef and sea turtle is rare: the results are valuable resource for the study of environmental change at the coastal region of Yaeyama Islands. Marine Park Center Foundation closed in March 2002 but due to many requests, Sea Turtle Association of Japan (NPO association) took over the center to continue the research. The center was renamed as Kuroshima Research Station in 2004.

The society is becoming growingly interested in “environemental-friendly” concept and our station is required to respond promptly to that trend. We are planning to expand our activities not only to our scientific researches, but also to education and promotion. This change should spur researchers, students, general public, and child to visit the station and allow us to contribute to the community.

It is not easy for NPO association to run and manage scientific facility. Currently, we are not receiving any funds from public institutions. Your support will be appreciated to preserve the prolific marine environment of Yaeyama region.

NPO Sea Turtle Association of Japan
Kuroshima Research Station
President Motoki Wakatsuki